The trailer to the documentary featuring Ric O’Barry on dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan. Spread the word.

The Cove Dolphin Slaughter Petition

How can you help to stop this world wide issue?

There are many things you can do to put a stop to this epidemic. Solutions may include:

            -Signing the “Petition and Letter to World Leaders to End the Slaughter”

                        Sign this petition that will be sent to the president of the United States. Every signature matters.

            -Tell others and get the word around.

                        By spreading the word about dolphin slaughter, you may motivate others to help out the cause. Many people do not even know about this issue. If enough people know, then they will want to put an end to this madness. By putting an end to this, we will be saving the dolphins.


                        Every penny counts.

            -Tell aquariums to put a stop to aiding the dolphin slaughter.

                        Aquariums want dolphins, thus aiding the dolphin slaughter. If aquariums didn’t need dolphins, then there would be a significant decline in the amount of dolphins being captured and slaughtered in Japan.

            -Volunteer and personally going to Japan to help out on the Frontlines.

                        Every hand matters. By offering your time to help aid the stop to dolphin slaughter, you will stopping a world-wide issue.

            -Fundraise money for the cause

                        Raise awareness in your community and raise funds for the Save The Dolphins campaign.

            -Give “The Cove” to a friend

                        Give a DVD copy of “The Cove” to a friend. Have them watch it, and then have them give it to one of their friends. Eventually, more people will know about dolphin slaughter.

Visit the offical Ric O’Barry site